What is a Bail Bond?

cuffs(Bail) bonds process: a financial arrangement that Joe Dolla 502TIME Bailbondsman makes with a defendant and guarantor. A financial agreement that holds all parties financially liable until their court case is final and all parties are released from financial liability. Joe Dolla 502TIME Bailbondsman. will arrange with the court or a magistrate the release of a defendant from jail pending the trial. The court or a magistrate will set the monetary value of the bail.

Joe Dolla 502TIME Bailbondsman shares financial responsibility with defendant and guarantor until court case or trial is final. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bondsman will take steps to bring the defendant back before the judge as ordered so the case will be final.

In the event that a defendant does not appear in court on trial day, Joe Dolla 502TIME Bailbondsman may also recover any financial loss from any responsible guarantor (signer). Whoever cosigned the agreement to financial assist the defendant in case of default. Most people do not want to stay in jail one minute longer than absolutely required.

At Joe Dolla 502TIME Bailbondsman a variety of services are offered, including:

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Secured Bail Bonds – Cash Bonds

Misdemeanor Bonds – Felony Bonds -Traffic Bonds

Criminal Bail Bonds – Juvenile and Domestic Bonds

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