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Some Common Bail Bond Questions

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is a financial guarantee made by or on behalf of a criminal defendant that is used to guarantee their appearance in court through the end of their trial upon release from custody. Failure by the defendant to appear will result in a bond forfeiture.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Typically, a bail amount is set by the local court jurisdiction following the arrest of a defendant. A family member, a close friend, or sometimes the defendant will contact a bail agent to arrange for the posting of the bail bond.

The family member or friend who guarantees the bond, also known as the indemnitor, cosigner, or guarantor, will complete paperwork and pay the premium, which is a percentage of the bond amount. By signing the paperwork, the indemnitor is guaranteeing that he or she will pay the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court. Typically, collateral is taken from the indemnitor to secure the guarantee.

What is an Indemnitor or Cosigner?

An Indemnitor or Cosigner is a person who agrees to be financially responsible for the full amount of the bail bond in the event the defendant fails to make a court appearance and cannot be returned to court. An Indemnitor is responsible for paying any bail bond costs incurred as a result of the defendant missing a court date. If there is more than one Indemnitor on a bail bond, they are jointly and severally liable. This means the money could be collected from one or both of them.

What is a Bail Bond Agent?

This is any person or corporation that acts as a surety and pledges money or property for the appearance of a criminal defendant in court. This is our role in the court system. We pledge our money on your behalf so you can get out of jail. A bail bond agent in Virginia is required by law to be certified by the State of Virginia.

When Does a Bail Bond Forfeiture Take Place?

Bail bond forfeiture results when a court appearance is missed. If a defendant misses a court date, a warrant is issued for their arrest. The court also sets a deadline for when either the defendant must be located/returned to custody or the bail bond “reinstated” or the bail amount must be paid to the court.

What is a Final Judgment?

A Final judgment is issued by the court following a bond forfeiture. This is a judgment against the surety for payment of the bond amount. The Final judgment is issued because the deadline for reinstating the bond or returning the defendant to custody has passed.

How Fast Can an Inmate be Released?

After payment to the court, each jail has it’s own schedule. We will work just as fast as we can on your behalf, yet this is up to the schedule the jails keep. We will notify you right away when we know.

How Do I Make Sure It All Goes Smooth?

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